Valentine’s Day, a golden opportunity for email marketing.

Just like Christmas and Black Friday, Valentine’s Day is one of the most lucrative commercial holidays for entrepreneurs and marketers. 

What do couples do for Valentine’s Day? In India, statistics show that some couples feast on a good dinner at the restaurant and a few glasses of wine. While others prefer to buy jewelry, roses or chocolate for their darling. Commercial parties are not only a gold mine for retail and restaurants, many other industries can benefit by doing well.

When you think about it, Indians have adopted Black Friday, even though Thanksgiving is no part of culture for us. Society encourages us to consume, and we follow the wave. We can be sorry, but as an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of it. If you find a way to use love to sell your products or services, why not do it ?! You don’t always have to re-invent the wheel. 

Remember that you can target not only couples, but singles as well. ???? Moreover, your approach will probably be different, since they do not live Valentine’s Day from the same point of view.

Valentine’s Day is obviously driving the economy, discover how as an entrepreneur, you can benefit from it through email campaigns.

Aim for dynamic groups and segment your lists

While the need to feel loved is universal, target audiences vary from industry to industry. And even if all humans have the same basic need for love, everyone lives Valentine’s Day differently.

Based on your past campaigns, segment basic demographic data such as age and gender by collecting this information in the registration forms. In this way, you can create a custom campaign for each segment. 
Age is also a very important factor when segmenting your lists. A couple in their fifties, and a couple in their twenties probably do not celebrate Valentine’s Day in the same way (of course, there may be some exceptions).

Play the card of love

Anthropology teaches us that we are born with the instinct that drives us to find ourselves a partner. What we call “being in love”. So this holiday touches everyone. No matter who you are, you have either been in love or dreamed of being in love, or you have seen the Hollywood version in the movies.

Being in love brings a feeling of incredible euphoria does it not? Whether you are in a new relationship, living with love and fresh water, or married for 20 years, Valentine’s Day is the time to take a moment to celebrate your appreciation for your partner. Use this feeling to your advantage when creating your campaign!

The scenario is a little different for singles. They can be hopeful and believe that their soulmate will soon come into their lives. Or they may be pessimistic and want to boycott Valentine’s Day. The good news is that they will have to find something else to do while the whole earth rejoices in celebrating love. So, anyway, one industry or another will win!

Bring some humor

As mentioned above, not everyone is in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. We are all aware that being single on Valentine’s Day can be a little … well.. depressing. This is the reason why so many funny and sarcastic photos will be published on social networks very soon. People tend to use humor to alleviate unpleasant situations.

Unfortunately, you probably do not know if your subscribers are in couples or not, so segmentation at this level is not possible. But you can certainly add a humorous little thought to singles in your emails. That way, when they’re home alone on Valentine’s Day, with their poutine and bowl of ice cream watching Netflix, they’ll think about your business.

Make them an attractive offer

Make them an offer so attractive that they will feel obliged to consider it. Here is a list of great promotional ideas:

Give them something free (people like the word free)

  • Free delivery
  • Express free shipping
  • A gift with a purchase
  • A coupon for their next purchase

Give them a discount

  • On their current purchase
  • Or on their next purchase. But again, the offer must be attractive

Suggest a list of gifts

  • Suggesting some gift ideas will be well received, since most people do not know what to buy as Valentine’s Day gifts. At the same time, this list will serve to promote your products or services.

Integrate social networks

  • Schedule a contest on your social networks (cute couple selfies in love, or singles)
  • Ask people to subscribe to your mailing list and compete for new subscribers

Add special promotions

  • Offer a special promotion for couples visiting your store in person (why not ask engage them in fun activities)
  • Offer a promotion for singles (you can even organize a party for singles and use your mailing list to send invitations.)

Find the optimal time to send

The time you choose to send your emails is important to the success of your campaign. For Valentine’s Day campaigns, the previous week is the most effective according to an email marketing survey conducted by Oracle. Two-thirds of the promotions will be sent the week before the big day of love, the majority of which will be on February 8th. So be sure to prepare your campaigns in advance.

Your customers will definitely receive a ton of email promotion for Valentine’s Day. If you want your campaign to stand out, make sure your content and the subject of your email are relevant and engaging.

Share a little anecdote of love or Valentine’s Day with us!

Juhi Sharma

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