Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019.

The world of marketing is evolving at a high speed and is constantly marked by the arrival of new technological advances.

Google is a perfect example because to maintain the quality of search results, it keeps on updating its search algorithms. The changing behavior of Internet users and consumers are other factors influencing our marketing strategies. In this regard, here are our top 10 marketing trends to follow closely.

1. Dynamic personalization of the content

The Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy that consists of providing a tailor-made offer to specific customers.

Already heavily present the year before, this strategy will be even more specific in 2019. You will have to use dynamic content to put your consumers in the heart of a unique experience.

Email remains the most popular way to deliver personalized content but there are other solutions. Guided by the data collected on users, Machine Learning can be used in many situations.

2. Instagram stands out in the social media

While Facebook faces a slight decrease in the use of the social network among people under 55, Instagram has more and more users.

Instagram is evolving as the preferred channel of communication for brands interested in social marketing.

Stories have become essential to engage the community and generate more leads.

3. Chatbots become unavoidable

Chatbots have been around for a number of years, but by 2019 they will become the real tools for generating more leads and will be the mainstay of conversational marketing.

Bringing quick and accurate answers to consumers, they become essential when you want to set up an efficient and cheap customer service.

4. Artificial intelligence transforms the marketing world

Artificial intelligence continues to gain ground. Chatbots have invaded marketing channels, service platforms and e-commerce, some platforms promise to optimize advertising budgets through advanced machine learning algorithms.

AI’s impact is also important in content marketing.

A good resolution for 2019 would be to accept that these artificial intelligences accompany us throughout our marketing strategy.

5. Google hardens the rules for SEO

Google has initiated many changes in its SEO policy to provide more and more qualitative content to users.

For brands the rules harden.

Based on the Google EAT criteria the content must be of quality but also show the expertise, authority and reliability of the author or company.

More than keywords, the whole topic of your content is analyzed by Google.

6. E-reputation influences consumers

Today, customer reviews have the power to influence the sales of your products or services. Everything is noted, your products and your business in general, and this on Facebook, Google and many other platforms.

Positive social proof is an essential factor in triggering the act of purchase.

Quality customer service, attention to comments and an incentive to leave a review will be essential in 2019.

7. Protection of privacy: major selling point

Security breaches, data theft and hacking have continued to grow. Cybersecurity has become a major concern for Internet users, constantly looking for ways to protect their data. 

Google makes “https” an important SEO factor to take in account in 2019. 

By 2019, you can be sure that consumers will favor products that protect their privacy.

8. Optimized content for the voice

Although search engine queries are not new, the way we do them is changing. The increase in voice searches brings many other changes, especially in terms of SEO.

To cope with this new trend you must optimize your brand so that it is accessible via voice search. You will also need to make sure your paid campaigns are ready to work with these new queries.

9. Video surpasses any other form of content

The fact that video dominates the digital world should not be a surprise for you. This content format continues to increase, and it is not ready to stop.

The emotions conveyed or the fact that live videos can be easily broadcast on social networks make it a privileged communication channel to promote a brand and engage community.If video marketing has not been a part of your marketing strategy you should make it a priority for 2019.

10. Creativity will be a success factor

It’s a good thing to support marketing with data, to be up to date in your strategy and capture your audience in the best possible way.

But this should not take away from your creativity in any form.

Calculated risks and experimentation should allow you to test new ways to reach and engage your target audience in a way your competitors have not yet considered.

Juhi Sharma

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