Google Search Algorithms Updates

Google Search Algorithms Updates

Google is no longer just a search engine. It is a verb – an action, that most of us ‘do’ more often than not. Whether it’s finding the meaning of a word, or locating a digital agency near you, or even finding your retailer’s customer care number, Google Search has answers for anything and everything. Ever wondered how it makes sure to give you the relevant results?

It all goes around inside a zoo! Well, not literally! But Google Search is run by a ‘zoo’ of algorithms that rules what results you are shown whenever you search for any keyword. These results are displayed in order of significance, which the Google algorithm decides itself. To sort these results, Google uses tiny programs called spiders, that index websites. It is a very elaborate process as these spiders skim the entire web, moving between pages and links, all within seconds. 

For growing your online business, you can create your content according to the guidelines posed by these algorithms and better your website or blog’s SEO. Also, while using digital marketing services for your business, you can follow these guidelines and employ various inbound/outbound marketing techniques (like link building, etc.) to promote your Google Search Rank.

This article will walk you through six of the many algorithms that Google uses to filter its search results and makes these results more intuitive.

Sarilya Jaiswal
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